Thursday, February 09, 2012

practical...and practical Ryan Gosling!

So I know I've been missing from the blog world lately, but I feel we've hit a point in our wedding planning where there's not a lot to blog about right now! Everything that we have been doing are little decisions that aren't enough to blog about yet, or follow up on projects that have already been blogged about!

So far the future hubby has started handing out his groomsmen gifts (he has one more left and then I'll try and do an groomsmen introduction post!), I've made another lot of ceremony handkerchiefs (and still have another lot or two to go!), we've been picking out some of our decor options and looking at cake ideas...and today I did a rough draft of our invitations. Now THAT is something I would love to show you all, but alas, it will probably be a good number of months before I can show those off!

I do have a few posts coming up soon about some of the decisions that we have definitely made and some of the pieces we have purchased and are waiting for! I love that slowly but surely the amount of wedding-related mail deliveries that I get each week are increasing! It's so much fun to come home to packages! :)

But in the meantime, let me share with you a wonderful little site that I stumbled upon during our hunts for inspiration. Practical Ryan Gosling. Oh yes. You know you want to check out. Maybe print a few off, post them on your walls...

Personally, I think this is one I need to remember! (but there's so many pretty handmade things out there!!)

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